If you are interested in making some money from Google in a legal way, then it is very much possible using these ten ways. Start making profits following the killer strategies by working hand in glove with the most valuable asset on the internet.

Read on and get reaped with numerous benefits.

Google Jobs

How about working in Google for their beautifully crafted software products? Google decides on certain important aspects in the world through their hiring process. And, if you are looking to be a part of their team, make sure to think out of so many boxes to actively perform well in their interview.


YouTube is the best option for better communicators, aspiring performers, and external motivators to gain big money just by uploading videos while monetizing the same through Adsense and by other similar methods. Based on the subscribers, likes, and views made by your video, earn money from Google.

Google Keyword Planner

Using this tool, you can find out the word entries made by the people while trying search engine queries. Powerful entrepreneurs and bloggers often make use of this idea of Google Keyword Planner to pull a humongous number of visitors to their websites and blogs.

Optimization of the keyword improves the correlation of customers getting attuned with their website.

Give Consulting!

Google gives the opportunity to create the job through jobs by studying and teaching about jobs. If you become dexterous with the tools of Google, you can easily preach lessons to people for making money as a business person.

You could do videos about the importance of SEO to teach people to get a number of ideas from the basic SEO concepts which runs on certain dignified Google Algorithms.

A book will do!

You can try writing a book about the efficient use of Google tools to give people an effective experience about the usage of internet for making easy money. Earn and let earn!


Google creates a platform for you to establish your talents and skills in writing through creating blogs. With some unique information or knowledge and writing skills, you could quickly create a large reader-base for your blogs. Further with the help of ad generating programs like Adsense, you could make some money with your blog.

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is different from other methods listed here. It does not help you in earning money, but it works as an easy and simple payment system. A less-complicated payment system is a desire of many customers. Hence it would increase the customer base for you, thus increasing your revenue.

Promoting ads with Google Adsense

If you own a website or blog, then the Google Adsense is the best the way to make some money. Various webmasters pay Google to promote their websites. But in order to do the necessary promotion, Google requires the help of other websites and blog users.

By using Google Adsense program, you could run some ads on your websites and blogs. Whenever the adds get a click, Google would pay you a certain amount of money.

Advertising with Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the next best option for increasing your cash balance using Google. The process is identical to Google Adsense, with only a slight modification. The advertiser gets paid in Google Adwords. But the payment is not in cash but through customers.

With Google Adwords, you can promote your website and get the number of customers. Of course, you first have to pay for promotion before getting paid.

Search Engine Optimization

When we type in a keyword in the Google search engine, it provides a list of related websites. You can make your own website to be at the top of such lists using Search Engine Optimization. Since viewers would often go to the first option listed by the search engine, this would promote your website, increase your customer base and you can earn more money.

It is an indirect approach towards earning money from Google.

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